Much needed mobile updates

Due to an influx on new users signing up via BrosBook Mobile, today saw the launch of many much needed BrosBook mobile updates including:
– Find Facebook Friends
– Fixing of CSS/Javascript loading issues in low reception areas/faster loading times
– Activity updates to minimize repetitive activity updates
– New getting started guide for new users
– Fixes to connecting to Facebook errors for new users
– Ability to delete posts
– “Load More” no longer shows if it doesn’t have anything more to load.
– Cleaner presentation for new users

Also a few updates to the desktop version:
– When you search for a Bro it also checks for the Bro’s Facebook name, for example you search for “Jason”, “Stocko” will show up also due to it being the Bro’s real name.
– Corrected grammar on the homepage.

Some worthy updates there. I know there hasn’t been any major additions for a little while as I’m busy on another project at the moment but as soon as I get time expect photo’s in feeds and a few other important features.

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