Video detection and better activity

One of the most common requests I’ve had is to include things like YouTube in the feed itself. Well I’m pleased to announce it’s here. If you post a link to a YouTube or Vimeo videos it will detect the link grab the video and ore sent it to you for viewing in the feed so you don’t have to leave BrosBook.

I’ve also completed some more activity updates, this one was an important one. Here’s the scenario, you comment on a Bro’s post only for them to have a long conversation with someone else. Normally your activity would show you every comment each person makes and you end up with an overflow of activity. To prevent this I have made it so the activity doesn’t show multiple comments from the same person from the same post. For example, if a Bro has commented on a post 5 times since you last checked your activity, it’ll only show that they have commented on the post once instead of all 5 times. This has been rolled out on desktop and will be rolled out on mobile shortly.

There have been a few bug fixes here and there as well.

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