Much needed mobile updates

Due to an influx on new users signing up via BrosBook Mobile, today saw the launch of many much needed BrosBook mobile updates including:
– Find Facebook Friends
– Fixing of CSS/Javascript loading issues in low reception areas/faster loading times
– Activity updates to minimize repetitive activity updates
– New getting started guide for new users
– Fixes to connecting to Facebook errors for new users
– Ability to delete posts
– “Load More” no longer shows if it doesn’t have anything more to load.
– Cleaner presentation for new users

Also a few updates to the desktop version:
– When … Continue Reading

Video detection and better activity

One of the most common requests I’ve had is to include things like YouTube in the feed itself. Well I’m pleased to announce it’s here. If you post a link to a YouTube or Vimeo videos it will detect the link grab the video and ore sent it to you for viewing in the feed so you don’t have to leave BrosBook.

I’ve also completed some more activity updates, this one was an important one. Here’s the scenario, you comment on a Bro’s post only for them to have a long conversation with someone else. Normally your activity would show you … Continue Reading

Bugs and activity

There’s been a few enhancements and bug fixes this weekend.

– fixed a bug in brosbook mobile that prevented unread activity of 10 or more not to clear.
– added a hover preview to activity to show what post the activity happened on so you don’t have to click through to see the post. This is stage one in making better activity reporting. This is only on the desktop version.

A few enhancements

So I’ve made a few enhancements to the desktop site tonight, some you’ll notice straight away others you may never notice.

- I’ve added Facebook names to the search so you can better see who’s who when searching for Bros.
- I’ve changed the posts written to images to show both the writers and the receivers brofile pic.
- I’ve added a read more link for posts longer than 400 characters so they don’t occupy your entire feed.
- I’ve fixed a bug that allowed you to comment/like/dislike a Bros post to or from a user that is not your Bro.

These are a few … Continue Reading

Terms of use & privacy policy

The terms of use as well as privacy policy has been added/updated so please read over these before you continue to use BrosBook as violations of these terms will result in termination of your account.

Terms of Use
Privacy Policy

BrosBook Mobile Gets Photos

Good news everyone!

Photo support has been added to BrosBook Mobile so you can view, like, dislike and comment peoples photos.

You can’t add photos at this stage but I will be investigating how possible it is to do in the near future.

A Better Place To Stay Up To Date

Hey Everyone!

I’ve created this blog so you can stay up to date with site updates and features and have your say on the additions etc.

You will have to create register for the blog separately as it is a WordPress blog, but it’s easy to do.

Stay tuned Bros!